Robbie Wright

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Robbie is known for his big / wild riding style of dirt jump and skatepark riding. He is a long time resident of Kent, WA and has been riding for us for many years.Date of Birth: 3/29/85Height: 5’10″Weight: 170Where were you born? Auburn, WAWhere do you currently live? Kent, WAHow and when did you get into BMX? My uncle took me to the BMX track and got me started on the race scene when I was 4 and a half years old and its been all down hill, up hill, off hills, down rails up rails (you get the point) since then!What make and model was your first bike? It was a Kent 16 inch that I found in the bushes in Ocean Shores (WA) all rusted up.Where are your favorite places to ride? Fenwick, East hill (Kent, WA)What is your favorite trick? Not really a trick, it’s more doing things that are huge and shouldn’t be possible.Any other hobbies? Pool, burnouts in cars/trucks, snow/wakeboarding and a new sport slopecycling.What is your favorite music/band? Metal, Arch Enemy.What is your favorite TV show? Family guy, trailer park boys and ninja warriorWhat is your favorite movie? A Christmas StoryWhat was the last movie you saw? Vantage Point. My girlfriend said it was good… I kept falling asleep.What is your favorite book and/or magazine? Ride BMX, BMX Plus and Dr. Seuss books.What is your favorite joke? Did you know that Chuck Norris can run so fast, he ran around the world and punch himself in the back of the head?Where do you see yourself in 5 years?At the BMX track watching my daughter demolish all the boys.

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