Michael Gray

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Toronto, Canada local Mike Gray is a fresh face in the BMX world that is quickly making a big name for himself. His riding is calm and calculated, filled with creativity and originality. He often surprises people by throwing in tricks or combos just as you think the line is finished. Mike always has a positive attitude and outlook that quickly rubs off on those around him with the help of his constant and contagious laughter. Whether he’s watching the latest edits online or signing along to a new hip-hop track, Mike is permenantly stoked on life and never afraid to show it! –Fat Tony

Date of Birth: 11/92
 Toronto, Canada
Current Home:
Years Riding:
 Training Wheels off at 3!
Favorite Type(s) of Riding:
 Street and Park
Current Bike:
 20.75 Prototype NightSeeker
Favorite Trick(s):
 180s and Sh%$
Other Hobbies: 
Friends, music and Chillin
Favorite Music/Bands:
 Rap , Rock a bit of everything
Favorite TV Show:
 Family Guy
Favorite Movie:
 Lord of the Rings
Favorite Book and/or Magazine: 
I dont read alot!

Favorite BMX Website: &

Favorite Non BMX Site: Facebook

Sponsors: Freegun Underwear, Index Ink, and the most important one MOM and DAD!


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