Halahan Brothers

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Lukas Halahan
Lukas is a 10 yr old from Pittsburgh, PA who is living life on bikes. He started pedaling at 3 years old and was soon racing in the expert class. His bike skills quickly progressed and he recently traded gate practices and sprints for rips in parks, streets, and trails. He loves to ride rhythm and has a knack for techy tricks as well. If you see Lukas out there on his BMX roll up, have a chat, and rip some lines with him.

DOB: 9/02

Height: Long
Weight: Light
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Years riding: 7
Favorite types of riding: Parks, trails, and race track
Favorite tricks: Griz air, Half Calf, Stair Drops,Tech
Hobbies: ipod, wii, and hanging at playground with my little brother
Favorite bike: DB session Pro 18
Favorite food: Mac N Cheese
Favorite places to ride: Rays and WoodWard
Favorite Riders: Mark Mulville and Chris Doyle
Favorite drink: Vitaminwater
Favorite songs: Sail and Wild Ones

Nathan Halahan

Nathan Halahan was born to rip. This 8 yr old Pittsburgh, PA native started racing BMX at the age of 4 and turned expert as a 5 year old. It became apparent early on that Nathan liked to jump his bike off anything he could. He loves to go fast and big. You can find him flying the friendly skies at parks and trails across Western, PA and beyond. Nathan has recently been getting stoked on vert riding as well. Don’t hesitate to roll up, and say hi. Nathan is a style cat who loves to session with new friends.

DOB: 9/04

Height: Short
Weight: Solid
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Years riding: 5
Favorite type of riding: Anything that involves airtime and trick combos
Hobbies: ipod, taking pictures, and hanging with my brothers
Favorite bike: DB session Pro 16
Favorite food: Bacon
Favorite places to ride: Rays and Woodward
Favorite riders: Mark Mulville and Jamie Bestwick
Favorite drink: Vitaminwater
Favorite songs: Sail and Dynomite

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