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Austin Miller

Bio [+]

Austin Miller was born and raised in a small town in PA. He started young riding bmx and mountain bikes with his father and traveling together. Over the past 4 years Austin has been focusing more and pushing himself to progress. He is fully dedicated to riding and will be the first to the local park and the last one to leave every night. His excitement for riding is unmatched whether he is riding park, street, or dirt. His love for riding and filming has got him several impressive web videos showcasing his skill. A real people person, he is always a blast to ride and travel with. Austin always reaches out to friends and even younger riders who he may not know to motivate and help them learn and progress as well. In the end he is a great friend and fun guy to ride with and has the impressive bike skills to match. Keep an eye out for him in the future.
–Justin Latona

Date of Birth: November 13, 1993
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 165
Birthplace: DuBois, PA.
Current Home: Johnsonburg, PA.
Years Riding: I’ve been riding and jumping my bike since I was 5 years old but, I started doing tricks within the last 4 years.
Favorite Type(s) of Riding: Street is my favorite. I will ride anything, As long as I’m on my bike I’m happy!
Favorite Bike: Diamondback Reàl, Its indestructible and the 20.8 TT makes me not look as tall.
Favorite Trick(s): Thats easy, Anything with a barspin in it. Other than that, Tail whips, Inverts and a lot of grinds.
Other Hobbies: Photography, Filming and updating my twitter. @austinmiller666
Favorite Music/Bands: GG Allin. Anything but country. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr are exceptions.
Favorite Book and/or Magazine: Dig Mag and Ride BMX
Favorite person to follow on Twitter: Will Ferrell, Funniest tweets ever. @fillwerrell