How can I get sponsored by Diamondback?

There is no set formula or career path that one should follow who seeks to become a sponsored / professional BMX rider. However, following the few pieces of advice below can help you better position yourself to become sponsored (should that be what is best for you and a potential sponsor).1. Ride because you have fun riding, not because you’re looking for a way to live out your MTV Cribs dreams of 24″ chrome-plated wheels on an Escalade and having your “crib” decorated with plasma screen TV’s and super models. If you have chosen riding BMX bikes as a way to make a lot of money, you are much more likely to become miserable and disappointed than wealthy. The “haves” are few, the “have nots” are many and the distance between the two groups is enormous. So see to it that what you always do have on your bike is a good time.2. Also see to it that you are becoming (or already are) a person who a company would want to have represent them on the front lines (to the public). If you are someone who isn’t friendly and approachable and who is only contributing to the decline of our society; all of the opposite 720′s, front flip turn-bars, and brakeless fufanus in the world won’t convince most companies to use their resources to make you an ambassador for their brand / company.3. Develop a clear understanding of the sponsorship relationship between a company and an athlete. Be sure that you understand that while from the outside; it appears to be a very glamorous and stress-free life in which you do what you want, when you want and how you want and big checks keep appearing in your mailbox indefinitely, representing a brand is a huge responsibility and a lot of work. If a company should choose to partner with you and provide you with financial support, they will expect you to provide them with support in return (doing everything you can to promote their brand in a positive light). Failing to do this won’t benefit the company and would then prove to be a waste of its money.We’d love to see footage of you riding, but honestly; if you really are good, you won’t need to tell anyone. We have people all across the U.S. watching for the Diamondback pro riders of tomorrow.

Which riders are currently sponsored by Diamondback?

The current Diamondback BMX Team is: Nate Berkheimer, Diogo Canina, Darin Read, and Robbie Wright. For more information on the team riders, click Team.