• 05.07.09

    Robbie Wright – Down, but not Out

    Happy Thursday Everybody, I’ve heard it said that April showers bring May flowers, but I’ve never noticed it work out that way in real time. Those April showers have again only brought May showers here in the NW, but it isn’t affecting Robbie’s plans. Below you’ll find an update I received this morning from Mr. [...]

  • 02.18.09

    DB Props Commercials from the Past

    Hey there Everybody, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I’ve got more for you that I hope to get posted before I scramble out of here today, but I wanted to make sure this day didn’t end before I posted these 2 commercials we did for Props 3 or so years ago. [...]

  • 09.23.08

    Robbie Wright Update

    Hey there everybody. So we now know why Robbie’s daughter Madison chases cats. Simple genetics. Below Robbie reports in on riding (bikes) and chasing horses with a Volkswagon. Before anyone catches wind of this and docks their tuna boat net-cutting raft or climbs down out of a tree they are trying to save. Let it [...]

  • 08.05.08

    Robbie Reports in on Jammed Thumb, Doing Demos, and Fenwick Jam

    Hey everybody, its me again, writing my update!! I haven’t been riding too much here in the past two weeks. I jammed my thumb at Fenwick pretty bad, but it’s a lot better now though. As long as I am able to ride August 10th… Just got done riding a demo with Nick Halsey and Dan Montgomery out [...]

  • 07.22.08

    Hey Everybody and Happy Tuesday to You

    Today I come to you again like AM/PM, with too much good stuff. Two magazines to look over and to show you some great shots from (including a two-page spread), a brief follow up to a previous report from Dew Tour stop number (you got it) two, but we’ll kick things off with an update [...]

  • 07.17.08

    Good Stuff in July BMX Plus!

    Unless you’ve been locked up or you’ve had your head stuck in a staircase like this kid since early June, you’ve probably seen the July issue of BMX Plus! by now. Whether you have or have not, I’d like to show you some of my favorite pages from that issue. Pages 36 and 37 are [...]

  • 07.02.08

    Robbie Puts Word out for Stolen Accomplice and Fenwick Jam

    Hey y’all, I have been riding a lot lately! I house sitted my friend Bubba’s house all last week. He has a mini ramp in his backyard. 6’3″ quarters with a 6′ spine, absolutely love it! Riding East Hill a lot and Fenwick as well and going bigger everyday. One of my friends got his bike [...]

  • 06.04.08

    Robbie Reports in on Riding East Hill and New Green Lake Skatepark

    Hey everybody. Robbie here reporting about the last month. A bit of riding going on. I’ve been spending a lot of time up at the East Hill park in Kent, finding new lines and always trying to go bigger! I don’t know if you guys have, but I made a stop at the new Greenlake skatepark [...]

  • 05.15.08

    Robbie Wright Gets Really Bad Haircut

    Hey everybody, Robbie Wright sent in the update below on his life along with the following photos of him with the worst ‘skullet’ I’ve ever seen. No explanation other than his final words, “Oh, and I got my hair cut”. This is just another of the many reasons we enjoy and appreciate Robbie so much. [...]

  • 04.30.08

    Accomplice Test and Good Ads in Latest BMX Plus!

    Hi everybody, If you haven’t yet seen the June issue of BMX Plus!, you’ll want to check it out. It’s a very enjoyable issue. I will show you some of my favorite pages: Page 17 is the FSA ad that you’ll see below for their X Drive cranks featuring our very own Robbie Wright. Robbie [...]

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