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  • 01.07.13

    Rob Armour Animal House Edit

    Rob spent a some time in Greenville this past fall. This edit from Dan Foley really shows how deep Robs bag of tricks is.. Rob Armour at The Animal House – More BMX Videos

  • 12.15.11

    Diogo is always up to something…

    Diogo is always up something, here he races down the hill side on trikes. Hope you speak Portuguese? Looks like they had fun!! In more joe news peep the go pro line he filmed at The Unit before heading off to New Zealand for Christmas with his family..

  • 11.11.11

    Rob goes to the CX games in China and brings back 2 place!

    Yo, just got back from China and it was awesome! Besides the 13 hour flight there and back. One of the first couple days in Beijing, we were able to go to The Great Wall and walk it. It was absolutely insane, the only way to understand how crazy it is would be to see [...]

  • 08.04.11

    UCI Worlds, X-GAMES 17, and a Ride Cover???

    It seems like so much as went down in past few weeks i don’t know where to start. Big congrats Matt Pohlkamp for bringing home the World Championship in Masters Pro! Matt took on a stacked class and came with Rain Bow stripes!! Dew Tour Baltimore, Rob crashed a lot and Diogo just missed the [...]

  • 06.29.11

    Brazilian Teaser!

    A few weeks ago a some of the team riders took a trip Brazil. We got a video in the works and here is a little teaser to get you pumped.. -Hammond

  • 06.13.11

    Nate Berkheimer gets a sunny day up in BC

    The winter has been long in the NW this year. Finally got a sunny day and went to the local park for a little ride. Definitely some good weather ahead of us … cant wait…..Note: Nate filmed this in early April when the weather had been shit for weeks. Due to a technical hick-up it [...]

  • 06.09.11

    Matt C in Tuesday With Miles series….

    Check out Matt at his local park, Desert Breeze in this Tuesday with Miles edit!!! Enjoy -Hammond

  • 06.06.11

    REAL Frame Test in June BMXPlus!

    Check out the new June BMX Plus! There is a frame test BMX Plus! on the Real Frame. My favorite quote is “We even found a few frames that cost far more weighed several ounces more.” LOL-Hammond

  • 03.31.11

    Diogo riding in his home country of Brazil!!

    The whole DB Team planned a trip to Brazil in March but due to some hang ups with travel visas we postponed the trip till May. Diogo had already told his family/bros he was coming home so he got a ticket and went. He came back to the US with this sick edit. NOW I [...]

  • 01.25.11

    Matt Closson is having a big week!!!!

    Matt Closson: Diamondback Cali Trip from Matt Closson on Vimeo. Matt Closson Video Bike Check – More BMX Videos Here are 2 edits from Matt that he has been working on. One from a trip he just did to Cali and the other is a Bike Check via Vital..enjoy!!! -Hammond

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