Matt Pohlkamp

  • 12.06.11

    Polhkamp takes the ABA Vet Pro Title

    Matt piloted his Reactor Pro XXL frame to a 1st and 2nd at 2011 ABA Grands and earned enough points to secure the Vet Pro Title! Congrats Matt!

  • 06.01.11

    Pohlkamp wins a bunch of races!!!

    A little late but better than never. Matt Pohlkamp has been real busy this year in the Vet Pro ranks. He has won the last 6 races in a row. Looks like the ABA could be crowning a new Vet Pro come Nov. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Check out this iphone video Nate shot [...]

  • 03.22.11

    ABA Winter Nationals race report

    Nates race report Just got back from the ABA winter nationals, had more fun than ive had on the bike in quite some time. Elite racing is at a whole new level, and im eager to get in the mix. I wasnt fully prepared to race these fast kids, but gave it my best anyways. [...]

  • 08.05.09

    Ruckus on the cover of BMX Today

    Here it is kids. Matt killed it both days at South Park on his Reactor Pro XXL frame. Get out there and ride, Hammond

  • 06.22.09

    Matt Pohlkamp on the Reactor Pro at the Rock!

    We are super pumped to announce that Matt Pohlkamp is on a Reactor pro! Matt got his bike together right before the Rockford ABA/UCI event that went down last weekend. Matt looked good all weekend but missed the mains both day but this upcoming weekend is Southpark and if i am not mistaken Matt won it last year. Lets see [...]

  • 06.09.09

    Don’t Call it a Comeback – Eddy King

    If you’re even slightly familiar with the history of Diamondback or the sport of BMX racing itself, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the name Eddy King thrown around a time or two or seen it on pictures or race results. Among many other great things, “King Edward” was one of the original Diamondback team riders, founding [...]

  • 12.17.08

    Ohio’s Ashley Burt

    Hey there everybody, I was 9 years old when I started racing BMX. I knew the second I first saw the place that I was in for a great time. The track was smooth, the jumps looked fun, and there was a feeling of excitement in the air that words just can’t describe. Eight or [...]

  • 10.30.08

    Nate Reports in on Dew Touring and Racing for 20 Years

    This summer has been so much fun. I went to the first stop of the Dew Tour to test my skills and wound up makin’ the whole thing, as well as a couple of finals. Orlando was the final stop last week. Teammate Diogo got hurt in the final seconds of his 2nd run in [...]

  • 10.15.08

    BMX Mania!

    Hey there BMX Maniacs, I hope you’re all doing well out there and enjoying life and are spending much more time riding than talking poo and tearing each other down online. I have a few things to report on today so I’ll do everything I can to resist the ever-present temptation to ramble on. First up is [...]

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