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  • 02.23.09

    Diogo Canina Update

    What’s up everyone! Well, we are in mid February and my last update was last year! So let’s forget about 08 and think only ahead!   Mr. Trevor gave me the new directions and I’m not going to let him down! Things are going real good to me, since I took my brakes off. Riding became all [...]

  • 12.30.08

    Christmas Card From Diogo

    Hey there, Despite the fact that I neglected to wish you a Merry Christmas, I do hope you had one. I selfishly opted to spend time with my family (and away from computers or anything resembling one) during Christmas in order to string together some merry days for myself. Diogo on the other hand was not selfish [...]

  • 10.22.08

    December BMX Plus! – Best Issue Yet!

    Well; I’m a big fan, but I judge magazines exclusively on the amount of Diamondback products and riders I can find within it’s pages and I found a bunch in this one. Scroll on… You’ll know you have a copy of my new favorite issue when you see this cover of Gary Young with rims [...]

  • 10.16.08

    Diogo Canina Interview on Fatbmx.com

    Hey there everybody, If you’re like me in that you’re a huge fan of Diogo Canina and you think he’s an amazing rider and all around great guy; then you’ll love the interview that former DB rider and fellow ripper and nice guy Colin Mackay conducted. It was posted to fatbmx.com today and can be found [...]

  • 09.23.08

    Diogo Reports on Good Times in SLC Despite Crash

    2008 has definitely been a year of ups and downs in spite of my body conditions. Once again I had to put my bike aside and find something else to do… A week and half ago in Salt Lake City, for the 4th stop of the Dew Tour during park practice, I tried to do a flip 360 [...]

  • 08.11.08

    Canina Gets Call to Compete at X Games and Rides Away with Silver Medal

    As I sit down here to get my ramble on again and finally report on some very exciting news, I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. Lloyd sees an old newspaper article that has been framed and exclaims, “We’ve landed on the moon!” He celebrates as if it [...]

  • 07.22.08

    Hey Everybody and Happy Tuesday to You

    Today I come to you again like AM/PM, with too much good stuff. Two magazines to look over and to show you some great shots from (including a two-page spread), a brief follow up to a previous report from Dew Tour stop number (you got it) two, but we’ll kick things off with an update [...]

  • 07.18.08

    Dew Update from Cleveland and More Good Stuff in BMX Plus!

    Hang on to your keyboards kids, because I’ve got some news for you today. I’ll get things going with a report from the Cleveland Dew Tour stop I received last night, we’ll then move into some more good stuff I found in BMX Plus! magazine by going through their August issue, then we’ll wrap it [...]

  • 07.15.08

    Catching Up With Diogo

    Hey Everybody, Trevor here with a couple of aging updates from Mr. Canina. After some sporadic updates from Diogo and the rest of the team, I blasted them with a pretty serious e-mail written in my best boss voice stressing the importance of sending in updates on a regular basis so this site can be [...]

  • 06.26.08

    Diogo and Nate at the Baltimore Dew Tour

    Hey everybody and Happy Thursday to you, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I’m taking another shot at the buzzer here before I scramble back out the door today, but I wanted to share a quick little report on how Diogo and Nate did at the 1st stop of the AST Dew Tour [...]

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