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  • 04.12.10

    Darin in Sundays with Davey #4

      . Check Darin out in the newest Sundays with Davey, #4.

  • 03.29.10

    Darin Read in Rebuilding the Underground

      Darin Read Diamondback Web Teaser from brennen britton on Vimeo.Here is Darin in a trailer for Rebuilding the Underground a Brennon Britton video. He went down under (OZ) to film a bunch for the new vid.Thanks to Bean for putting this out. Enjoy!!!

  • 07.10.09

    Darin update, “The Good Life”

    DR sent this in last week but i have been busy with our sales meeting and have not got it up…….So i just back from a dialed week of riding, filming and shooting photos. The good life. I was with ridebmx they invited me on a trip for there new video, so we hit up [...]

  • 05.20.09

    Darin Reports in on Great Times in the Great NW

    Update time. It’s May and the weather has been on and off. Last weekend I was at Solame and finished my Shola section. Good stuff. What else. I got a new shoe sponser. Lotek. After a couple of years with Nike, I got the opportunity to ride for Lotek and I was psyched. It’s just [...]

  • 03.31.09

    Darin Read Interview in Ride BMX Magazine

    Hey there everybody, Without further ado, or any consideration about what ado is; I present you with the highly anticipated Darin Read interview featured in the new (May) issue of Ride BMX Magazine. I hope you enjoy it and find it as entertaining and insightful as I did. The whole thing really speaks to the [...]

  • 03.25.09

    Another Update from Darin Read?

    Have you ever seen a guy (or gal) in a class get awakened from a slouching slumber and stunned to attention? One minute they’re completely relaxed, probably in the back row (or in the front because they were “asked” to sit there), hat pulled down to shade the eyes when suddenly they spring to attention and [...]

  • 03.09.09

    Remember Darin Read?

    He rips, he’s been on the team longer than any other member, and he’s got a lot of style. He just doesn’t report in very often so I feel the need to reintroduce him every time he does. He’s going to work on that though. Throughout the next year, expect to see great shots and [...]

  • 02.18.09

    DB Props Commercials from the Past

    Hey there Everybody, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I’ve got more for you that I hope to get posted before I scramble out of here today, but I wanted to make sure this day didn’t end before I posted these 2 commercials we did for Props 3 or so years ago. [...]

  • 01.29.09

    Darin Read Interview in the April issue of Ride

    Hey kids make sure to get a subscription to Ride bmx or at least pick up the April issue for a HUGE interview on our very own Darin Read.

  • 10.15.08

    BMX Mania!

    Hey there BMX Maniacs, I hope you’re all doing well out there and enjoying life and are spending much more time riding than talking poo and tearing each other down online. I have a few things to report on today so I’ll do everything I can to resist the ever-present temptation to ramble on. First up is [...]

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