Archives: November, 2013

  • 11.08.13

    The Halahan Brothers Trail Eidt

    Diamondback Halahan Trail Edit from Geo Jenkins on Vimeo. Lucas and Nathan Halahan put in a solid days work at JP’s! Just barely 11 and 9 years of age and riding at this level. The future is bright for these two as the word on the street is a Halahan Compound is in the works. [...]

  • 11.04.13

    Flow Rider Kagen Doyle

    Kagen Doyle has been stocking up some footie for a little bit now. Pretty pumped he dropped it off for us to get it live… Kagen is currently riding the NightSeeker Frame and if it can stand up to him i am sure it’s gona work great for you. Now go get yourself one..

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