AZ to CA with theComeUp

A few months ago i contacted theComeUp about doing some advertising on the site, after a few emails back and forth between Adam, Alfredo and myself (Hammond) we quiclky realized that we had an opurtuntiy to something a little different than just the avaerage banner ads.. Road Trip? Where too, its winter?

We decided to meet in AZ and end up in CA with no set schedule in-between. With the help of Tony Malouf and Devin Feil to catch imagery, everything should just fall into place. And guess what? IT DID!!

Check out Devin’s photo gallery here¬†and TOny’s edit below.

Thanks first goes to the Team! With out them none of this could happen. Thanks to Diamondback and all the employees for the enormous support you provide day in and day out.¬†Thanks to the TCU for the support and helping get us all together for a super good time. Thanks to my mom for having me. Thanks to my Dad for the call the other day. Thanks to my wife for putting up with my so called “work”. Thanks to Kalvin for being my son.


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