Darin Read Bike Check

Name: Darin Read
Home: Tacoma

Darin at a Tacoma Memorial over looking the narrows.

You have been on Diamondback for a long time, whats kept you there for so long?

WOW, it has been a long time…Scott Matual picked me up around 2000/2001 in my teens and I was able to get some contest and travel a bit. Then over the years I have been able to build on that and keep moving forward with riding and life. Diamondback has supported me with anything I have wanted to do over the years which has made it easy to stay put.

You got a Signature frame now (something that was way over due) can you tell me a little about what went it to it?

Basically I just called Hammond up and said it was time. (Laughter and lots of it) I mean i liked the old frame it worked great but we needed something a little more current. So he suggested a Pro Model for me. I was a little blown away but here it is and i could not be more pumped about it.

The Frame makes for a perfect Trail bike, but it will ride anything like a boss. It’s got long TT, low stand over, low BB and short but not too short rear end.

Who did the Graphics?

I worked with Nate (Berkheimer) to get them dialed in. It was cool to work with him on that part of it.

Do you modify any parts before you ride them?

Grips. I torch them.. (We will be doing a how-to on this in the future.)

How are you running that grip?

The left one always rips and then I run it till falls off in the rain..(Note: I have actually seen him take a grip from that was thrown away at the trails and put it on his bike because his was missing half.)

Tell us about your Signature Seat.

Well Hammond and I worked on this one for over a year to get it just right. All the current Pivotal seat at the time had no shape to them and that was a big thing for us when doing this one. It has some old school drop nose styling with some new school necessities. The sides come down to cover up the Pivotal guts and provide a more comfy area for seat to rest on your leg. I run the Plastic version. We have 2 more padded versions, check them out here.

What is the oldest part on your bike?

My Challenger stem. Mounted upside down.

I think its safe to say you have the lowest bike around and with the “current trend” of super Big Bars do you see yourself flipping that stem over atleast? maybe?

Why change its worked this long.

Anyone you want to thank?

Yes, I would to thank everyone at Diamondback for they do, MattyBMX for getting me in the door OH so long ago. Gunner at Segment, Chris at S&M, Matt at Profile Racing, Lotek Shoes, last but definitely not least my MOM, Dad and Lady!


































Frame: Seahawk 21.125 TT, 13.75 Chain stay, removable brakes, Full Chromoly, post heat-treated after welding.  Avail in late June in ED Black and Sliver

Fork: S&M Pitch Fork XLT

Cranks: DB 3 Piece Pro

Gear: DB Spline drive 29t Prototype

Pedals: DB Sound Pedals Plastic

Chain: KMC Kool Chain

Stem: Challenger

Bars: Slam

Grips: DB Naga

Brakes: Promax Prototype

Brake lever: DiaCompe

Brake Cable: ODSY Slick

Head Set: FSA Impact

Hub Front: Profile Mini

Hub Rear: Profile Mini Cassette 10t

Rims: Alienation Runaway

Tires: F= Dirt Monster R=Aitken

Seat: DB Darin Read Signature

Seat: Post Pivotal

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