Rob goes to the CX games in China and brings back 2 place!

Yo, just got back from China and it was awesome! Besides the 13 hour flight there and back.

One of the first couple days in Beijing, we were able to go to The Great Wall and walk it. It was absolutely insane, the only way to understand how crazy it is would be to see it yourself.

The contest was super fun. It was right outside of where the 2008 Olympics were held so that was real cool. It was also broadcasted live on china’s largest television channel.

When it came down to food, it was crazy different. But it still was good. Definitely got over being picky the first day there. Especially with only a small amount of people there that spoke English, so the language barrier was intense.

All in all I had a super great time! And it was a great experience, I really hope to go back again! I definitely won’t forget things like, styrofoam boxes being broken over random Chinese ladies’ backs, almost getting in fights because of green lasers, Chinese street food, and all the crazy weird smells, just to name a few.

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