ABA Winter Nationals race report

Nates race report

Just got back from the ABA winter nationals, had more fun than ive had on the bike in quite some time. Elite racing is at a whole new level, and im eager to get in the mix. I wasnt fully prepared to race these fast kids, but gave it my best anyways. The track was awesome, big hill, big jumps, I had a good time. Diamondback had a little pit set up, weve got Phil Maxwell from ODI doubling up the tents with DB, we had alot of people coming by to check it out. Im gonna work hard to be at my best racing shape come summer. Jumping has treated me good over the last 3 seasons, but I gotta get back to my roots. Ill always ride trails and throw down some tricks, but for now its time to put racing at the top of my riding priorities.

Saturday in Phoenix I had a decent moto, but there was this Euro guy that is all pull and no skill in there. He would always be out front, then just explode at any time. He’s definitely never been to the trails. I had a couple run ins with him, bummed me out. I wasnt there to win, just wanted to ride good and have some fun laps. Sunday was much better, had a hard moto, but everyone could ride their bike! Got a 3rd first round, then two 5ths. Didnt qualify, but had a great day, and got alot of motivation. It was good to see all the old faces, ill look forward to Nashville in May, see you there!

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