Salt Lake Dew Tour – Interbike and Team Update

Where do i start????The Salt Lake Dew Tour event was big, it was my first year there and i can see why it is the biggest one on the tour. The people of UT love their action sports. We had 3 riders competing, Nate, Diogo and Rob Armour.Nate rode well but missed qualifying by a few spots. He is still healing up from his shoulder dislocation at the Portland stop and is getting surgery just after the Finals but he says he is going big in vegas for the home town crowd so yall should be there.Diogo was pumped and started practice off by flipping the first jump on his first run. He took a break for a few mins to let the sun go down and when he came back he crashed about as hard as anyone could on flip that came up short. The contest was over before it started for him. His hand looked like a lobster, No worries though he is already back on his bike getting ready for the finals in Las Vegas.Rob’s runs didn’t go as he planned them adding a few crashes and one bent rim wont get you into the finals but his confidence is getting higher with each contest and with the tricks i have seen him do he is gona be a force to be dealt with in the future.The very next week was the Interbike show in Vegas, so Nate and I jumped in the truck and headed for Nates town. The show was great, we had a new bmx booth and the bikes looked better than ever. Check Vital, RIde, Dig, and BMX Plus for video updates that were filmed each day of the show.Hammond

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