Diogo to be on MTV Brazil


Diogo is going to be on MTV Brazil and looks likes it is going to be fun…read below for a report from him 

We sarted building the jumps, and great news is that we got them
for good. The owner of this place is awesome and he also owns
a  earthmoving company, so he lent us all the equipment necessary to
get it done quickly…

The picture only shows a 6 pack, but there is a lot more then this. Obviosily
not like your local spot, we can get there, besides you have no trees( bummer, but i
need de landscape on the background. at least for the show.
We have so much room to grow, which is sick…

Will be ready to go the main line and some other things in less then 2 weeks. There are
something like 15 riders ready to start packing it… Cant wait.

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