Nate in Canada egh!

Nate recently made a trip up to Canada to do some shows heres a few words about it:

I went up to Quebec for a big event in Quebec Ciy. Sort of a contest, sort of a demo. It was alot of fun. We got to build a dirt jump on the main street in the city. There were only 5 of us riding, and about 5,000 fans. This set-up would be so good for a big contest. We rode for a couple of hours, contest format. The fans voted for the winner. They liked carnage, and I didnt crash, so I took 3rd. It was a good time. We had 5 runs, its weird with just one jump. I did a super slow bus driver bar, 3 turndown, superman to whip, turndown flip, fronty. We all had a good time, went out in the city that night, then headed up to the mountains the next morning. We were doing demo’s at the world cup mtb event. We did one show on Friday night, then all of Saturday we got rained out. Moutain bike guys could care last, they go full throttle in the rain, i just hide.Over all it was alot of fun, the weather was great, i dont think, it got hotter than 70. All the people that we had to deal with were nice, even though most of them only spoke french. I would definitely go back.


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