Archives: August, 2009

  • 08.05.09

    Ruckus on the cover of BMX Today

    Here it is kids. Matt killed it both days at South Park on his Reactor Pro XXL frame. Get out there and ride, Hammond

  • 08.03.09

    Nate in Canada egh!

    Nate recently made a trip up to Canada to do some shows heres a few words about it: I went up to Quebec for a big event in Quebec Ciy. Sort of a contest, sort of a demo. It was alot of fun. We got to build a dirt jump on the main street in [...]

  • 08.01.09

    Diogo repeats silver medal at X games Super Park

    Diogo gets second in super park. For a minute he thought he had won. Hit the link below to the LA times article. are some runs from the show.  

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