Ty Deschaine reports in from Michigan

By the looks of Ty’s trails I may need to do some “dealer visits” to Michigan…HammondI figured i would shoot you a update with what i have been up to lately. The summer weather is on full force here in Michigan. Consecutive 70+ degree days and occasional rain make for great building weather. Our trails have been moving along quickly. 3 months in and its hard to believe the main line is half done. My buddy Sean Newton came out yesterday and we shot a few photos to send over to you. Hope you like them. Im shooting another photo early next week that I will send over as well. Im super siked on my bike, its by far the most dialed set up i have ever had. It seems that trails are blowing up in West Michigan. UP Mikes Grizzlies are getting more knarly every week, the lines at Scotts are getting longer and longer and there is a new set of trails in Otsego that are super fun. Let me know what you think of the photos. Talk to you soon. linepanaramic2.giftd-hip-berm-1.gifty-trails-1-2.gifty-whip.gif

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