Darin update, “The Good Life”

DR sent this in last week but i have been busy with our sales meeting and have not got it up…….So i just back from a dialed week of riding, filming and shooting photos. The good life. I was with ridebmx they invited me on a trip for there new video, so we hit up Oregon Parks and had some good times. It was interesting to see how a bunch of random people with all different styles ride concrete. The flow riders flowed and the tricksters did stunts. It was a good time. the weekend before i went on this trip it was one of my best friends Beans 30th b day. that was a blast solame camping and shreding nothing is better. I managed to take some photos so enjoy also be on the look out for 2 new videos i have parts in Breakfa$t $hit and Shola. im stoked…..Ride on!!!crowded-sk8park.gifcordona-dr-pauly.gifdr-newprot-brapp.gif

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