Nate and Diogo repoprt from the Dew Tour opener

Diogo says….

Well, right now im sitting at the woordward camp cantine, just ate and thought that i should tell you what i’ve been up to lately.  Last weekend i went to Chicago for the first Dew Tour of 2009. It was my first time in chicago and I’m pretty surprise how nice the city is. Nice sightseeing, good places to go out and nice warm weather, at least in the summer. The contest was a little weird for me, first off, the dirt jumps weren’t made out of dirt, it was concret, “no joke”! Fully  made out of   concret jumps. I still got a sore thumb from one crash that i had. I couldn’t really get into the whole thing, i didnt want to crash at all. And i guess it made my confidence low for the whole weekend. Even though i feel really good on my bike right now, it was one of the least fun contest for me.

Overall the trip was amazing as usual, i saw Nate over there and he rode sick like Nate always does. He didn’t seem to care about the jumps being made out of concrete and was the only one to flip the little lip on the drop off, like always, but he was unlucky and crashed in one of his run and slept the the pedal on another.  It was good fun and it gave me gas to come to woodward right now and see some of you guys and ride harder for the next one.  Next week im going to Cologne for the Worlds and that thing i cant wait! Its definetily my favorite contest to ride. Lots of people, riders and people like us, that love bmx.

i hope you guys are having as much fun as im on a bmx, because thats the only reazon that really matters!

Im out, going to ride the plaza !

Nate says..


Just wanted to check in and let ya know how my weekend went. I was stoked not having to ride the OQ in dirt, but prelims were horrible for me. If I had any sort of luck at all it was bad luck. My first run was going good until i caught my pedal a bit funny on a whip. I was hangin on with my big toe, and was gonna adjust it mid fronty on the last set. As I compressed at the lip my foot blew off the pedal forcing me to bail. I was sad. In my 2nd run I landed a bit low flippin the drop in and did a short manual, enough to send me super nose high on a 3 down the big step down and crashed. It was a huge bummer. I have some new bangers that are … i guess still top secret? We’ll see how it goes.

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