UFC Prez rolls through TJ’s to watch the super Pros!

Straight from nates e-mail…..We had a big day this past Sunday. Showed up to Lavs house at 7:30am and didnt leave till around 5:00pm. We had a few guys in town to ride with, shot some photos, pretty much rode till we couldnt, the wind was on our side! TJ Ellis, Nasty, and Josh Steed came down from Cali to join myself, Lavin, Cam White, and Dane Searls. Being in Vegas, you never know who’s gonna show up to a session at the trails. This time it was UFC President Dana White, he had just got off a plane from Germany, and brought out his 2 kids to come watch. Its awesome to see people like that in support of BMX. Who knows, we may end up doing something for the tv show??? Having the boys come down from Cali was good. We all got into a big trick session and threw down whatever we could. 10 days from the first Dew Stop in Chicago, trying to keep things fresh.



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