Don’t Call it a Comeback – Eddy King

If you’re even slightly familiar with the history of Diamondback or the sport of BMX racing itself, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the name Eddy King thrown around a time or two or seen it on pictures or race results. Among many other great things, “King Edward” was one of the original Diamondback team riders, founding fathers of the brand, and half of the “Dynamic Duo” he made up with teammate Harry Leary.


Here’s a great shot of Eddy and the rest of Team Diamond Back celebrating another NORA cup win in the early ’80′s. Eddy is down on one knee all the way to the left.

Eddy was recruited to the Diamond Back (then two words) team in September of 1980 by the late Sandy Finkelman. Sandy was a top-notch team manager and product developer who was responsible for running the legendary Diamond Back BMX program and in a way that caused him to become a legend himself. He was responsible for the team and developing the product for Diamond Back and he had an eye for real talent at the tracks. Eddy caught that eye early on in his racing career and the rest is history.


This is the cover of the first Woodward catalog that I received in the mail growing up in 1986. That’s Eddy all the way to the right (and jumping highest).

After a very successful racing career, Eddy retired in February of ’89 to free up time to pursue other interests, but he’s as much an advocate for the sport today as he ever was. He is always introducing others to BMX racing and helping his friends get their children into it. He was doing just that when we reconnected a little while back. He was helping someone else find a bike, but like the rest of us who have “retired” from racing, the itch and the draw back to the track never really went away and Eddy kept talking about the possibility of getting back on a BMX bike again.

Eddy is one of the greats who made up the Diamond Back team in those early days and helped lay the foundation on which this brand was built. For that, we’re forever indebted to him and the rest for what they did through their dedication and hard work during those formative years of the brand. It was for that reason (and to allow Eddy to again answer that call from the race track) that I didn’t think twice recently about sending him a new Reactor Pro and a couple Diamondback jerseys.


Eddy King - 2009 with his new 2009 Reactor Pro. Click here and here to see a couple shots of his new jersey.  

Eddy isn’t staging a comeback of any kind, but simply plans to ride, have fun, and race the Grands.

Have fun out there Eddy and thanks for everything!

Sincerely, Trevor and Team Diamondback (one word)


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