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  • 06.23.09

    New Nate ad in Ride out today!

     Here is copy of the new ad with Nate B!Unfortunately you have to click on the pic to see the whole thing.

  • 06.22.09

    Matt Pohlkamp on the Reactor Pro at the Rock!

    We are super pumped to announce that Matt Pohlkamp is on a Reactor pro! Matt got his bike together right before the Rockford ABA/UCI event that went down last weekend. Matt looked good all weekend but missed the mains both day but this upcoming weekend is Southpark and if i am not mistaken Matt won it last year. Lets see [...]

  • 06.16.09

    UFC Prez rolls through TJ’s to watch the super Pros!

    Straight from nates e-mail…..We had a big day this past Sunday. Showed up to Lavs house at 7:30am and didnt leave till around 5:00pm. We had a few guys in town to ride with, shot some photos, pretty much rode till we couldnt, the wind was on our side! TJ Ellis, Nasty, and Josh Steed [...]

  • 06.09.09

    Don’t Call it a Comeback – Eddy King

    If you’re even slightly familiar with the history of Diamondback or the sport of BMX racing itself, then you’ve undoubtedly heard the name Eddy King thrown around a time or two or seen it on pictures or race results. Among many other great things, “King Edward” was one of the original Diamondback team riders, founding [...]

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