Darin Reports in on Great Times in the Great NW

Update time. It’s May and the weather has been on and off. Last weekend I was at Solame and finished my Shola section. Good stuff. What else. I got a new shoe sponser. Lotek. After a couple of years with Nike, I got the opportunity to ride for Lotek and I was psyched. It’s just a bunch of my boys and I’m down with what they’re doing, so that’s cool. Other than that I have been shredding with my boys and living it up. Trail time in the NW! It’s the reason why I love life so much!!!!!


New solame sign. The old one you couldn’t see so after 10 years it was time for a new one.


Basement bowl. I got reunited with the basement bowl. You should see the footy in shola. That’s my boy Derek, the guy who made the bowl happen.


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