Nate Berkheimer in the House

How do you get a guy like Nate Berkheimer to leave sunny Las Vegas to come to the gloomy NW to assemble bikes in the basement of this office for an in-studio photo shoot? Easy; you just tell him that you’re taking him riding at all of the best trails the NW has to offer.


Sucker has to earn his keep somehow in the off season.

Nate is the biggest prankster I know, so I wouldn’t think twice about setting him up like that, but he wasn’t really mislead at all. He did build up some bikes today for a shoot, but he is indeed up here to shoot some action photos for the upcoming ’010 catalog, to work with DB Brand/Product Manager Mike Hammond on some things, and to ride with teammate Darin Read and hang out with teammate Robbie Wright (Robbie is currenlty on the DL). 

Proof that Nate wasn’t mislead at all. Here trail-boss and current DB Product Manager Mike Hammond and former DB Product Manager (and every track mom’s dream) Scott Matual lead him through the main line at the Lynnwood trails. 

Stay tuned for other shots and footage as it becomes available during Nate’s visit to the NW.

Thanks for stopping by, Trevor 

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