Robbie Wright – Down, but not Out

Happy Thursday Everybody,

I’ve heard it said that April showers bring May flowers, but I’ve never noticed it work out that way in real time. Those April showers have again only brought May showers here in the NW, but it isn’t affecting Robbie’s plans. Below you’ll find an update I received this morning from Mr. Wright, outlining a few guesses as to why he is now nursing a herniated disc in his lower back and a pinched sciatic nerve.

Here’s Robbie:  

Hey there everyone,

Robbie here; lying in bed with a herniated disc in my lower back and trying to rest up so I can get back out to the parks and shred with you all again! I think I’ve narrowed the injury down to a few wrecks that did me in. About 2 months ago at the East Hill skatepark in Kent, I aired out of the 10 ft quarter and I knew I took off awkward, so I did what i do best and pushed the eject button and started my decent from about 16 ft. I landed on my feet and collapsed. My back kinda bothered me for a little bit but I got over it.

Then at the beginning of March, I ran into my friend Phil head on, who is about 6 ft tall and around 230 lbs. So I had an MRI. I thought it was something wrong with my hip because my left butt all the way down my leg was killing me. That turned out to be my sciatic nerve that’s pinched. Sometimes the left side of my calf and the top of my foot will go numb. But on the plus side, I’m getting more and more out of shape and my bird like legs are getting skinnier!

Oh and my daughter is getting too smart for her own good. The other day she fired out in the bath room after i set her on the toilet “get out of here before I pee on you”. Usually she just says “go get the wipes”. She’s taking off and putting back on threaded lids. She’s also been flipping her big wheel over, going out to the garage and grabbing a screwdriver, and “fixing her wheels”. At least I’m spending more time with the family!!

I hope to be riding with everyone soon!!!!!



When you go as big as Robbie, and things go bad; they can go real bad. Fortunately, Robbie is very good at bailing out of airs that go bad and doing it in a way that usually prevents him from getting hurt. This is a shot of a huge transfer he did in Chandler Arizona last year while shooting for the ’09 catalog.


If you see Robbie at a ramp any time soon, this is most likely what he’ll be doing; letting things heal and dreaming of the airs to come.

Perhaps he will use some of his time off the bike and with family to propose to his long time girlfriend and mother of his 3 year old daughter, Laura. Robbie?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, Trevor 

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