Archives: May, 2009

  • 05.20.09

    Darin Reports in on Great Times in the Great NW

    Update time. It’s May and the weather has been on and off. Last weekend I was at Solame and finished my Shola section. Good stuff. What else. I got a new shoe sponser. Lotek. After a couple of years with Nike, I got the opportunity to ride for Lotek and I was psyched. It’s just [...]

  • 05.19.09

    Nate Berkheimer in the House

    How do you get a guy like Nate Berkheimer to leave sunny Las Vegas to come to the gloomy NW to assemble bikes in the basement of this office for an in-studio photo shoot? Easy; you just tell him that you’re taking him riding at all of the best trails the NW has to offer. Sucker [...]

  • 05.07.09

    Diogo and Sound Pedal in new RideBMX!

    In  the new RideBMX there is Staff advo featuring our very own Diogo! Sic 1 foot 3.  Also just a few pages before jo’s ad is a little write up on the Sound Pedal so go get the mag and check it  out!  

  • 05.07.09

    Robbie Wright – Down, but not Out

    Happy Thursday Everybody, I’ve heard it said that April showers bring May flowers, but I’ve never noticed it work out that way in real time. Those April showers have again only brought May showers here in the NW, but it isn’t affecting Robbie’s plans. Below you’ll find an update I received this morning from Mr. [...]

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