Another Update from Darin Read?

Have you ever seen a guy (or gal) in a class get awakened from a slouching slumber and stunned to attention? One minute they’re completely relaxed, probably in the back row (or in the front because they were “asked” to┬ásit there), hat pulled down to shade the eyes when suddenly they spring to attention and begin answering a question that wasn’t asked. Maybe you’ve been that guy. I know I have and I know Darin Read has too.


A hat wouldn’t help this guy.

Before the so-called “monthly update” that Darin sent in earlier this month, I hadn’t received one from him since May. Then yesterday I sent all of our riders an e-mail to ask a specific question about their summer plans. I had to laugh today because at some point during the night, Darin sprung into action and replied to my e-mail. Not with an answer to the question, but with another update! I love that guy and he does make me proud.

Here’s what he had to say:

So March is coming to an end and so is our deadline for the Shola video. We have 3 weeks and I’m at the end of my part so only the banger clips are cuttin it. It’s good stuff. I smashed my thumb at work and my nail has been black for 2 weeks now. If you look closely at the photo; it’s not nail polish. Other than the weather stress, I’m smiling always. Also check out the Helltrack web sitefor a sweet jam last weekend Chris Einman held.


Along with the unexpected update, Darin also sent in a couple great shots of him and friends. This is him with friend BG keeping some faux mustaches out of the rain for protection. Careful guys. Next time the “man” chases you down, it might not be for your non approved headwear but to recruit you to join the force. Signing bonuses for anyone with a mustache you know…


Here’s Darin with blackened thumbnail and friend Davey Watson getting all arty in Tacoma. Tell Chihuly we said hi and watch out for real mustaches…

Thanks for the update Darin and thanks to the rest of you for stopping by!

Have fun, Trevor

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