Diogo Canina and BMX Frame in Latest Ride

Hey there everybody,

In anticipation of their May issue which will feature a multi-page interview with long-time Diamondback pro Darin Read, Ride Magazine cranked out another great issue for April!


This is what the cover looks like.


Click this image of the BMX frame in the Products section to open up a clearer PDF of the same image. This frame is quite nice and being enjoyed by every Diamondback rider and countless others.


Click this shot of incredible BMX rider, philosopher, and DB pro Diogo Canina to be whisked away to a short interview featured on the last page of the issue.


The inside backcover of the issue is this Diamondback ad that features Darin Read and the BMX frame. I love it when a plan comes together! If you’d like to try out the same frame that Darin rides and that Diogo Canina rode to a silver in Super Park at the X Games last year; visit your local Diamondback dealer today.  

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by, Trevor

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