Remember Darin Read?

He rips, he’s been on the team longer than any other member, and he’s got a lot of style. He just doesn’t report in very often so I feel the need to reintroduce him every time he does. He’s going to work on that though. Throughout the next year, expect to see great shots and video clips of Darin and on a pretty regular basis. I do.

Below Darin talks about a few recent video projects and happenings and touches on his always positive outlook of the days to come. Enjoy.

Well 09 is here and so is a good update to show some of my fun times in 08. I know it’s been a while since my last update but with no computer or a license, it’s hard to make my e-mail technicalities come true. That’s all in the past because I got my wheels and computer and 09 is looking great. I’m a couple of clips away from finishing my SHOLA part which will me out in May. I’m also a couple away for Davey Watson’s new video. Segment clothing just released a trails road trip video from my summer in England. So check that out. I also have a full length interview in Ride BMX (US) that should be out soon as well. I’m proud to say my Diamondback has been riding smooth for a full year which is dialed because I have been riding a lot of street. Yeah, you heard it; trail street. I will be hanging out with my teammate Nate Dog at the St. Patty’s day jam so expect to see that update next month. I promise.

Take care DR  


He sure isn’t very reliable with these updates, but we can always count on Darin for some great random shots. Here’s one of him (front) with Shola teammates Davey Watson, Jack Maddock, and former DB teammate Bruce Crisman.


If style could be bottled and sold, it would have this picture on the label. Here’s a shot of Darin with the one and only Brian Foster.


Here’s a shot of Darin wearing former BMX racing buddy Jill Kintner’s Olympic medal. Congratulations Jill! 


If you ever ask Darin for a sticker and he pretends like he doesn’t hear you; this is why.


No explanation on this photo either, but looking over the selection of bikes shown; I’m thinking this must have been taken while the DC team was up here a while back. That’s DB Brand Manager Mike Hammond at the end of the line.

Darin’s interveiw in Ride will be in the next issue. Keep an eye on their site (cause it’s a great source for all of the many happenings in this sport) and keep an eye out for that May issue. A trailer for the Shola video can be seen if you click on that Shola link up there.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week everyone, Trevor

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