Archives: March, 2009

  • 03.31.09

    Darin Read Interview in Ride BMX Magazine

    Hey there everybody, Without further ado, or any consideration about what ado is; I present you with the highly anticipated Darin Read interview featured in the new (May) issue of Ride BMX Magazine. I hope you enjoy it and find it as entertaining and insightful as I did. The whole thing really speaks to the [...]

  • 03.25.09

    Another Update from Darin Read?

    Have you ever seen a guy (or gal) in a class get awakened from a slouching slumber and stunned to attention? One minute they’re completely relaxed, probably in the back row (or in the front because they were “asked” to sit there), hat pulled down to shade the eyes when suddenly they spring to attention and [...]

  • 03.16.09

    Diogo Canina and BMX Frame in Latest Ride

    Hey there everybody, In anticipation of their May issue which will feature a multi-page interview with long-time Diamondback pro Darin Read, Ride Magazine cranked out another great issue for April! This is what the cover looks like. Click this image of the BMX frame in the Products section to open up a clearer PDF of the same [...]

  • 03.09.09

    Remember Darin Read?

    He rips, he’s been on the team longer than any other member, and he’s got a lot of style. He just doesn’t report in very often so I feel the need to reintroduce him every time he does. He’s going to work on that though. Throughout the next year, expect to see great shots and [...]

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