Archives: February, 2009

  • 02.24.09

    Nate at Cam White’s Hillside Jam

    In late January, Nate went down under to check out Cam’s Hillside Jam. I remember getting a message from the day of the jam explaining how big the jumps were. I can see why he was so excited! Enjoy

  • 02.23.09

    Diogo Canina Update

    What’s up everyone! Well, we are in mid February and my last update was last year! So let’s forget about 08 and think only ahead!   Mr. Trevor gave me the new directions and I’m not going to let him down! Things are going real good to me, since I took my brakes off. Riding became all [...]

  • 02.18.09

    DB Props Commercials from the Past

    Hey there Everybody, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I’ve got more for you that I hope to get posted before I scramble out of here today, but I wanted to make sure this day didn’t end before I posted these 2 commercials we did for Props 3 or so years ago. [...]

  • 02.04.09

    DB Buyer’s Guide on

    If you ride BMX, you’ve probably already been to today to catch up on the latest news and you would have noticed that Fat Tony posted a small collection of Diamondback products on display there. Click on the screen shot below to be taken to it… This is what part of the Buyer’s Guide and the [...]

  • 02.04.09

    Berkheimer Rings in the New Year and Sends it Like Never Before

    Yeah, it is the 4th of February and this is about a New Year’s occasion, but I think you’ll still enjoy it none the less. Mr. Romance Nate Berkheimer flew his sweet little girlfriend Ashley to the Big Apple to ring in the New Year and for another occasion too. We’ll let Nate tell the [...]

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