Archives: December, 2008

  • 12.30.08

    Christmas Card From Diogo

    Hey there, Despite the fact that I neglected to wish you a Merry Christmas, I do hope you had one. I selfishly opted to spend time with my family (and away from computers or anything resembling one) during Christmas in order to string together some merry days for myself. Diogo on the other hand was not selfish [...]

  • 12.17.08

    Ohio’s Ashley Burt

    Hey there everybody, I was 9 years old when I started racing BMX. I knew the second I first saw the place that I was in for a great time. The track was smooth, the jumps looked fun, and there was a feeling of excitement in the air that words just can’t describe. Eight or [...]

  • 12.04.08

    DB BMX Brand Manager Mike Hammond

    Good afternoon everybody, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I must be because the closest thing I have to a complaint today is the fact that I started my second day in a row in here this morning with Ratt’s Round and Round stuck in my head thanks to DB graphic designer [...]

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