BMX Mania!

Hey there BMX Maniacs,

I hope you’re all doing well out there and enjoying life and are spending much more time riding than talking poo and tearing each other down online. I have a few things to report on today so I’ll do everything I can to resist the ever-present temptation to ramble on.

First up is for you race fans. If you stopped by today, then you would have seen a little write up on Nate Berkheimer’s FSA BB30 equipped ’09 Reactor Pro. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have, but you can quickly find it by clicking right here. In addition to my propensity to ramble, I’m also prone to becoming anxious at times, so instead of telling you to wait until tomorrow when our new ad will be live on BMXmania, I’ve included it below because I couldn’t wait for you to be able to see it. Check it out. It shows off our latest Reactor Pro complete, the Reactor Series of racing frames that we’ll soon have, and the Nitrus Series of completes that are available as we type. It also contains a slide that features a funny shot of Nate Berkheimer taken right from his current driver’s licence. It makes me laugh. See if it does you too.


If you think that was cool, check out the two ads below that will soon be seen on You ever go to that site? Check it out when you can. You can study the history of the sport to get a sneak peak of the future. Funny how it all comes back around…


This ad features the old DB logo from the days when Diamond and Back were two words and flatlanders wore racing leathers and goggles and used number plates! It’s safe to say those are trends that most likely (and hopefully) won’t come back around. The other part of the ad is a quick look at part of a picture of the team made up of the forefathers and foremothers(?) who originally put DB on the map.


Speaking of roots and cool ads; this one is for a new frame that features classic style and simplicity that we simply call, the BMX. Two sizes. See the details right here.

If you thought all that was cool, check out the shot below of Diamondback BMX Brand / Product manager Mike Hammond checking to make sure the bars on his BMX are straight even while flying through the air. That guy is one efficient worker! The shot is in the latest issue of Ride BMX magazine (the one with Garrett Reynolds doing a no-hander to ice-pick grind down a 12 stair on the cover – whatever). The issue is a great one as usual, but not as good as the next one will be. It will feature an 8 page interveiw and photo spectacular of Darin Read and his BMX!


That’s all for now. Have a great night everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Love, Trevor

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