Robbie Wright Update

Hey there everybody. So we now know why Robbie’s daughter Madison chases cats. Simple genetics. Below Robbie reports in on riding (bikes) and chasing horses with a Volkswagon. Before anyone catches wind of this and docks their tuna boat net-cutting raft or climbs down out of a tree they are trying to save. Let it be known; the thoughts, ideas and actions discussed by Robbie Wright do not necesarily reflect those of Diamondback Bicycles (though many of them make us giggle).

Enjoy and have a great day, Trevor

Hey ya’ll!! Man oh man, it’s been a month; daughter sick, me trying to stay in one piece, working way too much, and riding. Busy!  I’ve been riding a lot of East Hill, and Fenwick (Kent WA USA), hanging out with the up and coming. Kids are rippin now days! been getting Andrew Carpenter riding a lot more lately, his knee is getting stronger. Sure is nice having my riding buddy back. Heading to Mt. Hood Oregon this weekend to hang out with Jaymo and all of you who are going to that shin dig. Pretty psyched about that. OH MAN! I got to drive my buddy Butch Cassidy’s baja bug in his back yard the other night!!! Jumping, drifting chasin horses and all. Man oh man that is a good time. I think I’m going to have to sell my 1971 super beetle thats lowered, and get another bug and baja it. Way too fun to just drive every once and a while. I need my own!!! Give it to my daughter when she’s 16. I think she’ll be psyched!
light ‘em up!!


Fortunately for that horse; this wasn’t the baja bug Robbie was chasing it with.

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