Diogo Reports on Good Times in SLC Despite Crash

2008 has definitely been a year of ups and downs in spite of my body conditions. Once again I had to put my bike aside and find something else to do…

A week and half ago in Salt Lake City, for the 4th stop of the Dew Tour during park practice, I tried to do a flip 360 (more like a corkscrew though) over the box jump on the first day and things didn’t turn out very well!  The crash by itself was not bad at all, but it was one of those where my thumb was on the wrong spot at the wrong time! It felt horrible and weak right after the crash, but as a good bmxer I iced it, rested, elevated and ate pain killers as a meal! I couldn’t really ride but I still tried to do my run on dirt even without almost any practice. Of course that just made things worse and that ended my weekend. 4th stop I just watched. 

Besides that, my weekend in Salt Lake was the best weekend I had lately. Trevor was down there with me and Nate (who got hurt as well on dirt), plus I got to go up to the top of the mountains around the city and watched a sick sun set! The view was spectacular, and the trail to get up there was good fun, and the day before we left to go back home, Ogio managed to put together a tubing party down the river, which was amazing!  Now a week and half later I haven’t touched my bike yet. I went to the doctor and everything looks fine, it feels better and hopefully another week or so and I’m back again!!


Diogo about to witness that sick and spectacular sunset he mentioned. Don’t you wish you had an outlook on life as positive and optimistic as Diogo’s? I wish you did. The guy is constantly making lemonade and appreciating everything he’s able to experience.

Have fun no matter what you do!

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