Nate Reports on Action-Packed Life

Nate sent in the summary below on the last few very exciting weeks of his action-packed life. With all of the juggling he does between racing, dirt jumping / trail riding, park riding, working, doing design work, going to contests and everything else it takes to be Nate Berkheimer; the guy could join the circus. I probably shouldn’t say that though because he would probably try to find time to do just that. I’ll let you know if Nate does decide to join the circus and I’ll also keep you posted on Nate and Diogo’s weekend at the 4th stop of the AST Dew Tour in Salt Lake City. I’ll be leaving here in a half hour to witness that action first-hand.

Enjoy Nate’s update and everything else you do today.

Thanks for stopping by, Trevor

The past few weeks, I have been on the go. Lots of BMX! I spent some time up in the NW, rode some trails, parks, and the Portland Dew Tour. I came up 1 spot short of making the finals. It was so close. I’m happy with the contest. My teammate was reppin DB in the finals! Each of the 3 stops so far has had one of us in the finals, keepin Trev proud. haha. After Portland I was home for a couple of days to get all my things together. I got the new race bike with the BB 30 and the new FSA race cranks. Hammond got me dialed. My race bike is 20.9 lbs with a full chromo front end, steel spokes, and a freewheel. Do I really need light parts? I went to Louisville, KY for the NBL grands, my first race in 3 months. The track was as basic as it could ever be. The first year I went there was 1991, and I think that track was bigger and better. The “big doubles” are now table tops and the last straight rhythm that was always so tech, is now a bunch of speed bumps that little kids were pedalin through. My first moto I came out poppin, I was between 2 horses, but showed em I still got it. Ended up that lap with a well earned 4th. The next 2 motos I had to work. I had lanes 8, and 8. Bummer. I really couldn’t make it happen from out there and ended up being the first guy out of the main. I was really hoping for a main event spot, especially after all the time off. It would have been a shock to all the guys racing all year. The AA class there was just 16 guys; everyone fast. 2 full gates, straight to the main, not the easiest of the races.

I got home from Louisville, unpacked, did laundry, re-packed, and was off to Canada. I flew in to Syracuse, NY, met up with some friends, and drove up to Kingston, Ontario. It was the first ever ERA Race put on by BMX legend Jay Miron. There was 30 grand on the line, no clip pedals, and tons of fun. Sure enough, some old school dudes had to show up and ruin the party. The original first jump was amazing. 20 foot gap, 6 foot step up that was a block wall. You couldn’t roll over it, and couldn’t case or you were done. A few dudes cased and a few dudes bitched. It got filled in with dirt that night. I did 2 tailwhips and a 360 up it and these dudes were still complaining? Harden up. Racing on flat pedals is by far my favorite. I had the worst start ever in my first moto, came back through the pack for a 4th place finish. I picked an outside lane for moto number 2, came out strong, and won the lap start to finish. Next moto, lined up on the outside again, came out in front, midway through the first turn I got dive bombed and ran to the outside. I hit a soft spot in the lip of the doubles and cased too hard to keep going. Was I done? I was definitely pissed. I got on the gas, pumping though the non-rollable doubles. Got a 5th spot. 10 points with a 2? I was waiting and waiting to see if it was enough. I tied for the transfer spot; the 3rd moto was the tie breaker. A 3rd beat my 5th. I really couldn’t believe that this was happening. I was feeling better than ever, and had no shot at the cash. Good thing there was a dirt jumping contest also and I was in it! I put together 3 solid runs, flip variations, 360 variations, whips, fronties, 3rd place. Ill take it. I brought home a cool trophy, some cash, and a good experience.

I’m off to Salt Lake tomorrow for the next stop on the Dew Tour. This time I’ll be racing and jumping. It’s the first time in Dew Tour history that a rider has competed in both events. Look out; I’m comin out swingin!


Nate didn’t send in a photo with those words so lets just enjoy another chuckle at his current driver’s license. That crazy kid will do anything to put a smile on our faces. Thanks Nate!

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