Bill Hayden Reports in on His New Reactor 24

Four Weeks Ago

Four weeks ago I got a new Diamondback Reactor 24. It was like Christmas day seeing it in my hand. With all the overtime at work, I should have gone home and slept. Well that lasted for about an hour, and it was downstairs to build it up.  After about an hour, it was all together and out to the driveway for a test ride. I know, I should have slept, but it felt good to build it up. But it would be another two weeks before any track time. 


Two Weeks Ago

Got some time off on Saturday to go up to Cedar.  I was just going to ride it, to get the feel of the bike.   It felt good, so I signed up anyway.  Led the main to line, where I got passed by an inch.  Not bad, really liked the way the bike handled. 

Last Tuesday

Took the bike out to the backyard trails for some jumping.   Felt good to get some time on the bike. I’m glad the overtime ends next week.

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