Canina Gets Call to Compete at X Games and Rides Away with Silver Medal

As I sit down here to get my ramble on again and finally report on some very exciting news, I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. Lloyd sees an old newspaper article that has been framed and exclaims, “We’ve landed on the moon!” He celebrates as if it had just happened (because he thought it had). Although I believe it is almost as exciting, the news I have for you here isn’t quite that old, but it is on something that happened a little over a week ago.

If you’re a fan of Diogo Canina’s, you know that the man is an amazingly talented rider. He’s humble, but the dude flat out rips. He’s got the big moves, the tech moves, and style too. He’s had a rough year or so with setbacks like this one and this one, but despite the bumps in the road, he’s always made it clear that he was going to do something big. That something came the weekend before last when he got the green light to compete in the X Games and rode off with a Silver medal in the SuperPark event.

Diogo’s big week started 41 miles south of the X Games venue in Los Angeles at the ASA Big-Air BMX Triples Contest at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. I’ll let Diogo tell you how the finals went in his own words.

Thursday was the finals for Big Air BMX triples contest in Orange County!  I first rode against Josh from Australia, and I won, making myself moving on! It was hard riding against someone with so much style, I care about it, so he definitely put pressure on me. 

The second round was against Koji Kraft, and he was on fire. Man he sends it!  He did well on his first run with a Flip no hander to no footer, to double whip on the second box jump to a double whip on the quarter pipe. I had to do a Flip whip on the first to an opposite 360 lookback on the second to a double whip on the third to move on, and worked just as I wished. Lucky for me!
Third and last round was a triple battle!  Myself, Austin Coleman and T.J. Ellis. They are both from California and the crowd knew it too! They were going off for both of them, and you should know it is a big factor! Oh well, I was doing my runs over and over. It was the only way to get to the finals , so once I got there I knew I had to Flip whip on the first pretty solid, which would help me to step up on the second jump, and that’s what i did! I kept the flip whip on the first and sent a 720 on the second into a double whip on the quarter pipe! Austin and T.J. rode amazing with combos like Front flip no-hander followed by double whip to a double whip air for TJ but for my happiness; the judging was on my side!!!  And I ended that Thursday going back to the 1st place! 

Diogo had a blast at the event, loved the way it was put on, and ended up winning the whole thing. Other coverage of the prelims can be seen here, and the finals can be seen here. Instead of leaving the fairgrounds like many people do, with a stomach ache and a lot less money in their pockets, Diogo left with a huge smile on his face and a $5000 check. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening, but the best part of the week was still to come.

Diogo hadn’t actually qualified to compete at the X Games, but was an alternate to be on stand by, should anyone get hurt. He wouldn’t have even gone to the event had it not been for the invite he received to compete at the ASA contest right down the road, in his own words, because he “didn’t want to be there waiting for one of his friends to get hurt.” While riding at the ASA event on Wednesday, Diogo was passed a note that said that because Mike Aitken would be sitting the event out due to a shoulder injury, Diogo was officially in.

This is the part of the story that gets especially cool for me. You see, there are a lot of guys out there riding local parks and doing whatever it takes to convince their bros that they’re the coolest guy around and often times, part of being that coolest guy is telling others that they could care less about the X Games and that they wouldn’t go even if they were invited. Not Diogo. Diogo is just a cool, down to earth guy who will openly and honestly admit to anyone that it was always his dream to compete at the X Games. He grew up in Brazil and dreamed about being able to go to the US and to ride professionally and compete at the X Games and he has worked hard and made those dreams come true. Being able to have any part in helping make dreams a reality is what makes my job the second best job there is (second only to Diogo’s). Whoa! Sorry about that…

Since I keep rambling, and taking sappy detours along the way, I’m going to let Diogo describe his experience at the X Games.

Friday I was back on X Games and it was the Prelims Day!  I was having such a great week, for the reason that I had won a contest a day earlier and I got to ride X games. That was enough for me, and I’m sure I could express it on my riding, and when things are fun, things are easier! The result?  I made into the final in 3rd place! Daniel (Dhers) got first, Young (Gary) second, and I got Third!

Saturday was the big day, Finals!  We were divided in two groups of  5 each to ride 10 minute jams, and the top 2 of each one, and the higher 3rd score would move on to the SUPER-FINAL!! Yeah! Things were not as simple as I thought!  I rode in the second group with Gary, Bohan, Chase and Denis Enerson!  Everyone had 4 30 second runs of and the best 3 counts, so you could waste one, and I did it on my first one of course! IDIOT! Well things were going under control. I got 2 pretty nice runs and my scores were up there, but on my last trick of my third run I got a flat tire. It didn’t mess up my score for that run, but I still would have to pull another clean run to make the cut into the SUPER-FINAL. There would be no time to fix my bike, so I tried Guettler’s bike, but he has smaller handlebars and pegs on the other side, I didn’t feel good at all! I asked for Bohan’s bike, and once I jumped on, I felt right at home! I never rode his bike before and the first thing I did was a down side whip transfer into the roller. I had no problem at all! I got my third run done and moved on in first place of my group!

Just 10 minutes after Super-Prelims was over, we had to drop in again and do the same thing and most likely step up on the riding!  Thanks to Jerry Badders, Ryan Nyquist, and Jim Bauer for fixing my bike during those 10 minutes!    


 Diogo and his BMX on the way to winning their first X Games medal together.

Well my bike was fixed, I was in the Super-Final, and I couldn’t be happier!  I thought about how lucky I was on that weekend, and everything came together!  I had the best time! NO worries, just ride, have fun and do things that I would be proud of when I watch it later!


Ride a Diamondback, dream big, and drink lots of water kids. You’ll go places… 
Well you guys probably know how it finished and how happy I was! It is one of the reasons that we never stop riding! 

Wow! Congratulations Diogo and thanks for having us along!

If you didn’t catch the X Games on ESPN, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see it throughout the year as it is replayed on Fuel TV, ESPN, MTV, and other networks as well. You can also see some footage from the SuperPark event right here on If you’d like to get in line for one of the new BMX frames like the one Diogo rides, swing on in to your local Authorized Diamondback dealer. The frames are not available yet, but will be within a couple of months. Be sure to speak up now if you’d like one (by ordering one) because only a limited number of them will be brought in and the first ones we get will be sent to Diogo and his teammates so they can do more things like you just read about.

Thanks for stopping by everybody! Have a great week, Trevor

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