Robbie Reports in on Jammed Thumb, Doing Demos, and Fenwick Jam

Hey everybody, its me again, writing my update!!

I haven’t been riding too much here in the past two weeks. I jammed my thumb at Fenwick pretty bad, but it’s a lot better now though. As long as I am able to ride August 10th…

Just got done riding a demo with Nick Halsey and Dan Montgomery out in Seattle, kinda list minute so I wasn’t able to post anything about it. Super fun though. Box jump with a bunch of kids to throw stickers to. Come ask me if you ever want some stickers!!
Fenwick Jam is here, August 10th, that’s on Sunday!! be there or be square!



If this doesn’t warm the heart… Robbie included this shot of him passing the Wright family tradition of the burnout along to his daughter Madison with her first on a minibike. Dad loves the daughter enough to introduce her to such an enjoyable experience, and the little gal decides to make it a no-handed bar-hop. I’ve said it before, but those Wrights make me proud.

Have fun everybody, Trevor

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