Archives: August, 2008

  • 08.16.08

    Bill Hayden Reports in on His New Reactor 24

    Four Weeks Ago Four weeks ago I got a new Diamondback Reactor 24. It was like Christmas day seeing it in my hand. With all the overtime at work, I should have gone home and slept. Well that lasted for about an hour, and it was downstairs to build it up.  After about an hour, [...]

  • 08.11.08

    Canina Gets Call to Compete at X Games and Rides Away with Silver Medal

    As I sit down here to get my ramble on again and finally report on some very exciting news, I’m reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. Lloyd sees an old newspaper article that has been framed and exclaims, “We’ve landed on the moon!” He celebrates as if it [...]

  • 08.05.08

    Robbie Reports in on Jammed Thumb, Doing Demos, and Fenwick Jam

    Hey everybody, its me again, writing my update!! I haven’t been riding too much here in the past two weeks. I jammed my thumb at Fenwick pretty bad, but it’s a lot better now though. As long as I am able to ride August 10th… Just got done riding a demo with Nick Halsey and Dan Montgomery out [...]

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