Hey Everybody and Happy Tuesday to You

Today I come to you again like AM/PM, with too much good stuff. Two magazines to look over and to show you some great shots from (including a two-page spread), a brief follow up to a previous report from Dew Tour stop number (you got it) two, but we’ll kick things off with an update from a guy who is in a plane right now en route to Red Bull’s attempt number two at hosting their Empire of Dirt in the UK.That guy in the plane on his way to the UK I mentioned is Darin Read. In all fairness, Darin sent me the update below back on the 10th and it’s been simmering in my inbox ever since. I’ll fill you in on a couple otherĀ things in a minute, but first let’s get to Darin’s own words on what he had on his mind on the 10th.

Hello again, DR here. Well summer is good as always in the Northwest. Right now I’m in Oregon hanging with some of my best friends. It’s a good life down here; trails, best parks, and good people. I’m filming for Shola and the new NWC video. It’s all good check out Sholabmx.com for the new video trailer. On the 21st I’m off to England for the Empire of Dirt.com and after the contest I’m on a one week trip with Segmentclothing.com. It’s going to be sick. After that I will join the Diamondback team for Megatour.com; so good. Well that’s a lot of .COMS so enjoy everyone. Boosting out…..DR


This photo was obtained by Jeff Zielinski, Darin, and the “smaller crew” mentioned in the ramble I posted on our photo shoot trip to Phoenix a while back. After we cordially allowed a hot-tempered dad in a Buick to run us out of his neighborhood and away from this ditch, Jeff and Darin went back while the van sat hidden in another nearby neighborhood to get a couple more shots. This one was so good Ride Magazine used it for their table of contents spread in the August issue.


This shot of Diogo and harsh caption can also be found in the August issue of Ride next to their Disabled List. Diogo has definitely taken his share of falls.

Before I was even through enjoying the August issue of Ride, their September issue showed up, and it was even better than the one before it! There’s a great article within cleverly titled Raiding Arizona about the teams that have visited some of the many great riding spots in Arizona in the last 4 or 5 months (ours included). The article is a good read that is made even better with great shots like the two below. Ride’s new larger format is great for many reasons including the fact that each picture is now worth 1200 words instead of 1000, but the downside is that I can’t fit those big pages on my scanner. For that reason, my scans don’t give justice to the bigger format and great layouts they’re cranking out these days. You should definitely subscribe and get your own copy each month in order to see the whole pages and to take it more places than you can this computer.


Notice how subtle that wedge up to that bridge is? Darin hit that thing countless times for Jeff’s camera and his new BMX frame and Alienation wheels had no complaints.


This was another great shot Jeff took during our stay in Arizona. He wanted to hang on to it to use in the magazine and I’m glad he did. Sure, we ended up with two shots of Robbie doing foot-jams in our catalog, but that’s alright. This shot looks great in Ride too. This one was taken at the home of one of the nicest guys in the whole Southwest, Ray Tellez.

Speaking of Ride; be sure to check out their new website right here. It is very cool.

Last but not least, to update you on Nate’s performance in the Dirt Finals at the Cleveland Dew Tour I told you about last week, Nate had a great time, but ended up boggling up a bit and with his name beside the 11 when all was said and done. Congratulations though just the same to Nate as even making the final at an event like that is a huge accomplishment. I will look forward to seeing Nate compete in the next stop of the tour at the Wendy’s Invitational in Portland late next month and I will plan to raise a vanilla frosty to Nate for another great performance.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I’ll keep you posted.


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