Good Stuff in July BMX Plus!

Unless you’ve been locked up or you’ve had your head stuck in a staircase like this kid since early June, you’ve probably seen the July issue of BMX Plus! by now. Whether you have or have not, I’d like to show you some of my favorite pages from that issue.


Pages 36 and 37 are a Tech Tip feature in which the “poor mechanic” shows you how to put our Accomplice on a diet without spending much money. They are able to shed over 3 pounds off of the bike for a mere $50 and best of all; they kept it off! It’s a good read with great tips for people with any bike they’d like to take some weight off of. Click on the image above to be taken to a pdf of the spread.


Page 54 (see ↑?) has this shot of Darin Read on his new BMX laying it down at Heath Pinter’s Saint Patrick’s Day Jam.


Our Varsity Team gloves are featured in their “Trick Stuff” department. Not only does the feature list the many great features (that’ll be the last mention of the word “feature” in this post – I promise), but it also offers you with an opportunity to win yourself 5 American dollars. Hey; don’t scoff. That’s enough to buy a gallon of gas!

My last favorite page in the issue is the DB ad on the back inside cover. The ad is for our new Sound Mag pedals and for further inspiration, also has a shot of Robbie Wright doing a foot jam for the camera of Jeff Zielinski during our catalog photo shoot in Phoenix earlier this year. If you haven’t yet seen the new Sound Mag pedals, track some down at your local Diamondback dealer. You will find that they are not only very nice and light, but also very affordable.

I hope you enjoyed the July issue of BMX Plus! as much as I did. If you feel like you may not have; stay tuned. The August issue is even better…

Thanks for stopping by, Trevor

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