Robbie Puts Word out for Stolen Accomplice and Fenwick Jam

Hey y’all,

I have been riding a lot lately! I house sitted my friend Bubba’s house all last week. He has a mini ramp in his backyard. 6’3″ quarters with a 6′ spine, absolutely love it! Riding East Hill a lot and Fenwick as well and¬†going bigger everyday. One of my friends got his bike stolen from Lake Meridian the other day. If you see a silver 2006 Diamondback Accomplice around the Kent area with a dent in the down tube and one in the chainstay from the crank arm nailing it, write me on my myspace page as soon as possible. Oh and 2008 FENWICK JAM is on august 10th at noon til you leave! Be there or be square!

Robbie Wright


If you’re in Western Washington and you ever need someone to keep an eye on your ramps, Robbie’s your man. He’ll either be riding them or sleeping on one of them.

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