Archives: July, 2008

  • 07.22.08

    Hey Everybody and Happy Tuesday to You

    Today I come to you again like AM/PM, with too much good stuff. Two magazines to look over and to show you some great shots from (including a two-page spread), a brief follow up to a previous report from Dew Tour stop number (you got it) two, but we’ll kick things off with an update [...]

  • 07.18.08

    Dew Update from Cleveland and More Good Stuff in BMX Plus!

    Hang on to your keyboards kids, because I’ve got some news for you today. I’ll get things going with a report from the Cleveland Dew Tour stop I received last night, we’ll then move into some more good stuff I found in BMX Plus! magazine by going through their August issue, then we’ll wrap it [...]

  • 07.17.08

    Good Stuff in July BMX Plus!

    Unless you’ve been locked up or you’ve had your head stuck in a staircase like this kid since early June, you’ve probably seen the July issue of BMX Plus! by now. Whether you have or have not, I’d like to show you some of my favorite pages from that issue. Pages 36 and 37 are [...]

  • 07.15.08

    Catching Up With Diogo

    Hey Everybody, Trevor here with a couple of aging updates from Mr. Canina. After some sporadic updates from Diogo and the rest of the team, I blasted them with a pretty serious e-mail written in my best boss voice stressing the importance of sending in updates on a regular basis so this site can be [...]

  • 07.02.08

    Robbie Puts Word out for Stolen Accomplice and Fenwick Jam

    Hey y’all, I have been riding a lot lately! I house sitted my friend Bubba’s house all last week. He has a mini ramp in his backyard. 6’3″ quarters with a 6′ spine, absolutely love it! Riding East Hill a lot and Fenwick as well and going bigger everyday. One of my friends got his bike [...]

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