Hurricane Touches Down in China

Mike “Hurricane” Hammond that is…

Welcome race fans!

Mike is so fast that he’s already been home for almost a week, but here is an update and recap on his racing experience last week at the UCI Worlds in China.  

Hi all, I am back from the UCI World Championships in Taiyuan, China.
The trip was awesome! The track was long and very challenging.
Race re-cap: We had 21 riders in the 30+ Men’s group. My moto shaped up nicely with 2 other Americans that had made the main last year and a super fast Frenchy. I was very nervous before the first moto but transferred out to the semi with out a problem.
The Semi was by far my best race! Check the video (I have the blue rims). I was leading into the first turn but big Tony Flemming from the UK passed me in the inside and I just followed him from there on. I got 2nd but you only need to get top 4 to make the final.
The main was next and I was feeling real good after the semi but when I left the stands to get ready for the main my bike had a rear flat. WHAT?! I rushed to change it with a new tube from Pete D (thanks again Pete), but whatever gave me the flat was still in the tire because it flatted again. Before you say anything I checked the tire to make sure it was clean and the object was in the sidewall where I could not feel it. I then borrowed a wheel from some one (thanks to whoever you were!). I got into staging just before they called us to the top of the hill. I was really trying to bring back a podium finish and all looked good going into the first turn as I was in 3rd. But a few mistakes made by me and few made by some other racers left me with a 7th.
I would like to thank FSA and Alienation for supplying me with the best parts available!
See you next year in Australia!

UCI BMX World Championships 30+ Men Semi from Mike Hammond on Vimeo.

Video provided by DB’s multi-talented multimedia wizard Gene James.


Gene is going to put together a video of Mike’s main here in the very near future and it will be displayed below.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, Trevor 


… And we’re back. Without further Mountain Dew; here is that video I promised of the Hurricane’s main.


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