Archives: June, 2008

  • 06.26.08

    Diogo and Nate at the Baltimore Dew Tour

    Hey everybody and Happy Thursday to you, I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life. I’m taking another shot at the buzzer here before I scramble back out the door today, but I wanted to share a quick little report on how Diogo and Nate did at the 1st stop of the AST Dew Tour [...]

  • 06.20.08

    Tribute to Stephen Murray at 1st Stop of AST Dew Tour

    Hi everybody, Sorry for the delay here. I have been far busier than I ever should be, but there really isn’t a good excuse to leave all of you hanging for as long as I have (hence the apology). For the sake of my time and your enjoyment, I’m going to break tradition with this [...]

  • 06.06.08

    Hurricane Touches Down in China

    Mike “Hurricane” Hammond that is… Welcome race fans! Mike is so fast that he’s already been home for almost a week, but here is an update and recap on his racing experience last week at the UCI Worlds in China.   Hi all, I am back from the UCI World Championships in Taiyuan, China.   The trip [...]

  • 06.04.08

    Robbie Reports in on Riding East Hill and New Green Lake Skatepark

    Hey everybody. Robbie here reporting about the last month. A bit of riding going on. I’ve been spending a lot of time up at the East Hill park in Kent, finding new lines and always trying to go bigger! I don’t know if you guys have, but I made a stop at the new Greenlake skatepark [...]

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