Mike Hammond Reports in from UCI Worlds in China

Diamondback product manager Mike Hammond is in Taiyuan China to compete in the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships. Mike and former DB product manager and friend Scott Matual are over there representing the US and the NW by competing in the 30 and over men’s class.

Below are some first impressions Mike sent us a yesterday (in China time).
Recent reports back via text messages state that Mike got a 7th in the main out of 22 guys (which is worth writing home about) on the first day of racing and that he’ll be sending more reports soon and perhaps even some video. No word yet on what order “The Natural” crossed the line. Stay tuned and enjoy Mike’s initial report for now…

Thanks, Trevor 

Today was the second day for amateur practice. The track is AWESOME! It begins out with a big starting hill to a set of 20ft plus doubles to a step up-step down then a real big set of doubles that end in the first turn. The second straight has the pro section on the left which is a double – roller – big double – low long double to step double into the second turn. The am side of the second straight is a table – double -bigger double – even bigger double to the same step double into the second turn. The pros were jumping the whole thing into the second turn which was rad to watch. The 3rd straight is where it gets real interesting. It is a rhythm that has a few different ways to take it… Layout is 3 rollers to step up – double – double – 6 more rollers into the last turn. Last straight has a roller to table to double -double – roller then the finish line. Yes, this track has a lot of jumps.

The dirt in the air was real bad on day one of practice but nice today. The wind is a factor as most people were jumping the first double yesterday but today many people switched to pulling up before it. The doubles into the first turn saw very few people jumping as the head wind was pretty bad. I cased it pretty good but at least I went for it.


Here is a shot Mike sent of the big sign next to the track and the flags of all of the countries represented at the event. The US flag wasn’t up there while this shot was taken because Mike wanted to take a few laps with it to advise his competition to ‘recinize’. Well, maybe…


This is a shot of the starting hill that helps the riders get going toward what you see below…


Being from the NW, the faux grass looks a bit silly and out of place to me, but what a beautiful site! Well done guys! That track looks amazing! Smooth, fast, and fun…


This is a shot of Jason Silva (Masters Class Racer for Action Sports Depot), Dollar (yes; his name is Dollar and despite that his value is holding strong and he’s a super nice guy from one of our crank suppliers), and Mike.


Here’s a shot Mike took of the Great Wall of China. You can read more about that if you’d like to right here.

Stay tuned everybody and thanks for stopping by, Trevor

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